Ezekiola and the Emerald Belt Review

Ezekiola is a 17 year old boy from a world called Circa. He is on the verge of receiving a belt based on his skills at which point he would then join that group and be bound to that brotherhood. He is a mind reader so he should be receiving a blue belt and, of course, he definitely won’t be an emerald belt. The Emerald belts are a warrior clan brotherhood and no one had received an emerald belt in 10 years. Also, several of the emerald belt warriors had recently gone missing creating quite the mystery.

While everyone at the ceremony impatiently waited for it to begin, it was delayed because the Headmaster was late. Unknown to all of those waiting, the Headmaster was in discussions with other leaders regarding something sinister happening behind the scenes. This situation would impact Ezekiola in ways he could never imagine. The ceremony was about to change his life, and his life path, forever. After the ceremony Ezekiola went to speak with his headmaster about what he assumed was a mistake. On his way there he found a rotating door that hadn’t been there before. Like a magnet, the door beckoned to him and called him forth through it. On the other side he found himself transported to a schoolroom he didn’t recognize in front of a girl he’d never met. The girl’s name was Leanne. He immediately felt a connection to Leanne but within minutes, he was transported back to his world. He would feel this connection again during one of his classes as he felt his power growing stronger. Meanwhile, in Leanne’s world, strange occurrences kept happening to her. Somehow she feels a connection to Ezekiola and these strange occurrences. How were the two of them connected and why were these things happening to her?

This book is an engaging fantasy read combing magic, mystery, science, romance and adventure. I have really enjoyed this book. While it is not a book I would normally seek out, I am glad to have read it. The author intertwined multiple worlds to create a compelling story. I look forward to reading it to my preteen girls during our nightly family reading.

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